Choosing a lender

Now, you are thinking of buying a home! Congratulations, first thing before you decide what home you want you should find out what you are pre- approved for. Yes, pre- approved! There is so much paperwork and questions the underwriter will ask for and need or you will not get a loan from this lender. I personally went through 3 lenders and I have excellent credit and a steady job. The issue was my spouse’s business income dropped 20k in a year but yet he still made over 200 k in a year. It is insane how if one makes the standard house hold income for minimum wage has no issue. I would suggest reading each and every single review for multiple lenders. Yes, some people may write a review because they are angry and maybe they messed up their loan chances by opening new credit or something but it is still a good idea to read them all. Also, ask around about lenders and do not give your information to one unless you plan to use them because they will run your credit most likely even though they are not allowed to until you sign a document giving them permission. Look up the BBB under there company and there license as well. Ask questions to the person and feel them out. Decide if they sound like they are just a sales man or actually will take the time to discuss options with you and see if they rush you off the call. Whatever your situation is in regards to employment or disabled etc. ask them if they have much experience in that situation. Some will be honest and advise that is a tough situation but they will attempt to assist and with that said I would move on from personal experience.

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