Framed or Masonry

Frame Home

When shopping for a home you will have an option of framed or masonry unless you want a mobile home. Mobile homes are cute but in certain states like Florida is risky. Framed homes are lovely and inexpensive and usually older with history but you have to worry about termites in the future which happens more with wood homes. Masonry homes can also get termites but not as easily. Homes built of frame has wooden studs between the exterior material and the drywall on the inside where masonry has brick or cement block between the exterior material and drywall on the interior. In a storm with wind having masonry home you would be more secure. For example, living in Florida a masonry home would be a better choice and a home in Massachusetts a framed home be ok also. Massachusetts barely gets hurricanes like Florida has.

Price for insurance would also be cheaper for a masonry home than a brick home and insurance in different states can be drastic in cost. For example, having home owner’s insurance in Colorado verses Florida is huge. I do use Florida a lot for an example because Florida has more potential for flooding and storms. Now, for plumbing and wiring the cost is more in masonry homes than in framed homes so if you are building the home yourself you need to add that cost in and option. I have noticed from home shopping the framed homes have happened to have the layout I want and most with pools. This could be a coincidence as well. The cost is much lower for framed homes though I have chosen to go with masonry for security in the storms. When you are trying to decide the best advice, I can offer is to check out the condition of the home and if you plan on fixing a home make sure you find a handy man you can trust that is acknowledgeable and trust worthy. Make sure you also get an experienced home inspector 1st. The mortgage payments are also something to consider if you will be getting a loan.

Find out the loan amount you will qualify for and some loans give you extra for fixing and upgrading and get an experienced home inspector. Now shop and keep all these things in the back of your mind to help you decide what is best for you.

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