Using a Realtor

Before you even look for a home you need a pre-approval or 99% of Realtors will not even bother to help you. Once you get a pre- approval which I will add that is super easy as the lender just wants to get you in and as long as you have a job you can get one. A pre-approval means absolutely nothing when you are about to close. Get the pre-approval which you can just go online and get in 20 minutes. There are many realtors out there and it is so hard to find one whom listens. When you find the Realtor, they will ask what you are looking for like how many bedrooms and bathrooms, do you want a pool or a yard ect.  Once you advise the Realtor of what you want they start looking or do they? Do not get me wrong please as there are amazing Realtors out there but there are so many horrible ones and sadly I never found an awesome one. The 1st Realtor showed me a home that I already stated I did not want per the size of the home and that I need a 3 bedroom at least but really want a 4 bedroom. So, we drive up an hour as we want to live an hour North and we are excited to see the house. The house was cute but it was a 2 bedroom and guess what? No closets! No closets, I am thinking “what am I going to do with my clothes and bathroom items like towels ect”. I do not want to have a messy home with stuff showing up all over or folded in a corner. If I was a single woman then this house would have worked for me but I have a spouse and plan on living in my new home for many years and I plan to be comfortable in the house space wise.

So, now I am not happy and look online and find a Realtor and she sounded so wise and so sweet. We come and meet her and she shows us a brand-new home model that will be built since we are ok with waiting the 4 months as long as this is what we want. That went well but we did not like the house as they used cheap flooring and countertops where not granite or Corian like we wanted which was my fault as I did not tell the Realtor we wanted that esp if the home was so costly. If the home was less in price I would be ok with the cheap flooring ect as I can replace that but if the tag is already high I cannot afford to pay what they want and replace what I do want. The Realtor just had that 1 home for us to look at and we drove an hour so we expected at least 3 homes. This made me annoyed as I am trying to find a home and need help and just 1 home to look at shows this person did not try at all nor care. I mean anyone can walk in a model home on their own.

Now, Realtor 3! This was the worst of all so far, I have to say and when a word comes to mind the word is “unbelievable.” My spouse and I drive to meet this Realtor and she takes us down a nice and quiet neighborhood. I get out of the car and the Realtor has us looking through the windows. I am appalled! This person had almost a week to find homes. I had 2 homes I wanted to look at and she stated 1 of them was a short sale and those are a pain to close on. The other home she stated she can’t get a key to go in. I will never know if that is true, maybe it is. I work many hours and no time to look myself and I do not know the areas. This woman then shows us another empty home and says the other Realtor never gave her the key and we now again are looking through windows.  How disappointing!

Realtor 4, and I am not kidding. We are easy to please but when they do not listen and do not prepare no thank you. This one was a friend and I try not to do business with friends but after 3 Realtors I just go for it. My friend who is a wonderful person shows me many houses but all, everyone is exactly what we are NOT looking for. I said no framed homes, no short sales, no foreclosures, no bad neighborhoods, No messy neighborhoods, no small yards (least 2 lots). I am still friends with this person but I decided to look myself and not use a Realtor. My price range was no more than 300 K and had to be masonry and had to have 2 lots. Those are a huge must, non-negotiable. She told us there are none out there of what we want.

One weekend my spouse and I decide to take the weekend off of work and really look hard and we found a home after about a month of doing this ourselves and it was fun. There are Realtors out there that are fantastic but I was not the lucky one to find him or her. If you are in the same situation I say take time off of work that is allowed and do it yourself. Now I have my home finally!

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